A Coffee in the Dolomites

Those who live in the mountains have a special relationship with nature: they live, breathe and respect it. They know a different rhythm, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is the same rhythm with which we create our coffee: if a slow and gentle roasting allows us to create a sweeter, more aromatic, and digestible coffee, why rush?

A Family Tradition

Here, in the Dolomites, every family used to roast and process coffee beans for their own domestic consumption. Our family also processed coffee. In the village they knew our family as the Marnei: that is why we named our coffee this way.

The Aroma of Coffee

In the days of our great-grandparents as well as today, in the mountains a hot cup of coffee is the perfect excuse to keep each other company during winter evenings. Or the best way to start a day's work outdoors.
The moment when your hands wrap around the cup, the fragrant steam from the coffee pampers your sense of smell, and you can imagine yourself in front of a Dolomite panorama, in spite of wherever you are. That is what inspired us to create our blends.

Whole Bean or Ground Coffee?

The ideal coffee is the freshly ground coffee. The beans release all their aromas during grinding, which can then be tasted in the cup. Ground coffee, however, is a much more convenient solution, especially for coffee enjoyed at home.
To prevent the valuable but volatile aromas and flavours from being lost, all the types of Marnei coffee are ground just after roasting and are packaged in special bags with a one-way valve.

Sustainable Coffee? Yes, It Is Possible!

Our approach to the world of coffee is far from the dynamics of industrial production, which is focused on volume, performance, and exploitation of the land. Our coffee is instead all about the small producers we personally know, the energy of the Trentino lakes that allows us to work only with renewable sources, and the respect for nature even after consumption, with a 100% recyclable single-material packaging.

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